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If You Really Want To Put The Whole Thing On Steroids…

Watch The Following Video…

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Live Event Blaster Probuy-now

With Live Event Blaster PRO You Get:

1. Multi Account Support

You can add multiple accounts or channels and choose each event on which channel should be scheduled!

How would it look like to have on the same channel, events about: weight loss, Make Money Online and let’s say… wood working…You wouldn’t look trustworthy…

2. Multi License

You can install Live Blaster on as many machines as you want!

It’s like buying 100 licenses at the price of one.

Note: You can use them for your own use, can’t resell them!

3. Agency Rights

Live Blaster is a really powerful software, but it only works for your own PERSONAL Marketing Campaigns …

With the PRO package you can now create and schedule Live Events for clients and keep 100% of the PROFITS.


Mass Video Downloader!

Price: $47 FREE

Would you like to be able to download videos right from YouTube and Vimeo,
edit them using your favourite Video editor and stream them like a Live Event…

That would be 10 times faster than having to create the videos from scratch…

 Mass Video Download Blaster Does That!

Not only downloads the videos, it generates a text file with all the original videos titles, descriptions and tags.
You can use them as inspiration for creating your descriptions and ranking your Live Event!

Here’s Why You Should Grab The PRO Version Right Now:

Get Your Live Blaster PRO Kit, including The Agency Rights, Multiple License, Multiple Account Support and receive for FREE our Mass Video Downloader

Live Event Blaster Probuy-now